West Lagoons Farm

Owned by: Karl Nightingale
Brand: KNWL
Land area: 7040 hectares
Number of Sheep: 3147
Breed: Merino

West Lagoons was purchased in 1987 by Karl’s parents, when the larger farms in the Falkland Islands were subdivided.  Karl then purchased the farm from his parents in 2015.  A huge amount of time, resources, AI and rigorous selection processes quickly improved the quality of the stock and the wool produced at West Lagoons. 

West Lagoons is a RWS certified farm and was one of the first in the Falkland islands to be certified.

Karl is part of the Falkland Islands Department of Agriculture Quality Falkland Wool Scheme (QFW), his stencil number is 41. This scheme is audited to ensure best practices for preparation of wool clip.

Like other farmers in the Falkland Islands, Karl recognizes impacts of global warming. West Lagoons gets 95% of its power requirements from solar panels feeding into a battery and inverter system. 100% of the water comes from a natural spring hole and is gravity fed down to a system that services domestic, horticultural and agricultural needs.

Karl has worked with Falkland Conservation to fence off some of the eroded areas of West Lagoons and planted native tussac and blue grass as part of restoration works. He has also fenced off a pond area on the farm to protect nesting birds, whilst still allowing people and livestock to access the surrounding areas without disturbing the breeding birds.  He will be working with Falkland Conservation to plant several native plants in that conservation area.