Kingsford Valley Farm

Owned by: Matthew McMullen
Brand: KVF
Land area: 10725 hectares
Number of Sheep: 4200
Breed: Dual Purpose Merino

Kingsford Valley Farm (KVF) is located in the north west of East Falkland on San Carlos Water around a 2-hour drive from Stanley. 

Matthew purchased Kingsford Valley in 2013 when the average micron was 24.  Matthew has worked hard to decrease the average micron over the years and the current average is 22.3.

Matthew runs KVF by himself, but during the busier times of the year, it becomes a family affair with his Father (Tony), helping out with the sheep work, his Mother (June) as the cook and Sister (Lucille) classing wool and keeping an eye on things in the shearing shed.

Matthew grew up on the largest farm on East Falkland at Goose Green, and returned to work at Goose Green for a couple of years before buying KVF.

Like many farms in the Falkland Islands, KVF takes advantage of the strong winds and uses a wind turbine for some of their power needs. Their water requirements are met by a natural spring on the farm.

Like many farms in the Falklands now, Kingsford Valley is RWS certified.