Goose Green Farm

Owned by: Falklands Landholdings Corporation
Brand: DH
Land area: 152320 hectares
Number of Sheep: 76860
Breed: Poll Merino

Mission Statement

FLH is a successful community owned farming enterprise that invests its profits (surplus) to create employment and opportunities that enhance quality of life in camp communities

Falklands Landholdings Corporation was established in 1991 when the Falkland Islands Company sold its landholdings to the Falkland Islands Government and is made up of 3 large farms.  North Arm, Fitzroy and Goose Green.  Falklands Landholdings Corporation (FLH) is made up of a Board consisting of 7 members who meet quarterly and are always looking for opportunities for value adding as well as being mindful of protecting the environment. 

Goose Green farm, which includes the Walker Creek section, is located in the south of the East Falklands in the area known as Lafonia and is the largest farm in the Falkland Islands.  The farm runs approximately 76,860 sheep and 390 cattle on 152,320 hectares.   There are 30 residents in the settlement comprising of 18 employees and their family members, making it the biggest rural employer in the Falkland Islands.   There is a farm manager who is responsible for the implementation and evaluation of budgets, farm & operational plans and human resources as well as working alongside their team with the day to day operation of the farm.  Goose Green has a full-time school for children in the settlement up to the age of 11-12.   

The stock are grass fed on natural pasture, which is largely free from chemicals.  Some crops are planted to assist with the finishing of cattle. 

Extensive ditching has been carried out at Goose Green over a period of 10 years, in an effort to decrease the death rate of all animals.  Large scale AI programs have been rolled out at Goose Green in the last decade, as well as rams being purchased from the National Stud Flock to improve genetics and lower the average micron and achieve a robust, fit for purpose animal. 

Goose Green produces approximately 255,000 greasy kilos of wool which is very low in vegetable matter and has excellent colour with the average micron being 23µ.  Goose Green is also quality assured based on an Australian system and has recently joined the RWS.  There have been extensive capital works carried out over the past 5 years improving conditions for employees and modernising the shearing shed to provide a safe and effective working environment for all the staff and animals.