Bold Cove Farm

Owned by: Karen Jones & Dereck Jaffray
Brand: BC
Land area: 9707 hectares
Number of Sheep: 5862
Breed: Dohne Merino

Bold Cove Farm, situated on West Falklands, is run by Karen Jones and her partner Dereck Jaffray as well as their 4 children who help during their holidays. Bold Cove runs around 5,500 sheep, mainly Dohne Merino, on around 9,707 hectares of land. The farm’s average micron for 2019/20 season was 21.1, two micron below the national average. To continue to improve their flock, the Dohne Merino rams are purchased from a local stud farm. Bold Cove also has a small herd of cattle which are an Angus cross bred.   

The settlement itself takes advantage of the strong Falkland winds, with most of their power being provided by wind turbines. The settlement is also sustainable when it comes to water, with all their water being gravity fed from a natural spring. As well as this, Karen produces her own fruit and vegetables in their three poly tunnels to store and use during the winter months.

Karen herself went to Bicton Agricultural College where she achieved a national diploma in agriculture. After returning from college she worked for the Department of Agriculture. Then when she had her first daughter, she worked for the local Infant & Junior School. After having her second daughter, the family returned to camp, and bought Bold Cove in 2014. As Karen was brought up on a farm as a child, she has a love for farming and agriculture that she intends to pass on to her children in the future.