Blue Beach Farm

Owned by: Hew Grierson
Brand: BBF
Land area: 6691 hectares
Number of Sheep: 4600
Breed: Merino

Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) Certified.

Blue Beach Farm is on San Carlos Water around 2 hours drive from Stanley. Hew, originally from the west coast of Scotland, purchased the farm in 2000 and now runs it with his partner Frin Ross. In addition to their sheep, four people, twelve working dogs, 160 Angus cattle and Toby the cat live on and work Blue Beach Farm, they are a close team with hearty sheep and cattle!

Hew uses rams from Centre Plus merino which thrive in the Falklands environment to consistently produce strong, bright wool; the average width of their wool is 19.7 microns. Hew believes strongly in monitoring and recording so that he can select the healthiest sheep with the best quality wool to breed from. His stud flock is well indexed in Sheep Genetics Australia.

Animal welfare and the environment are important to both Hew and Frin. Frin works for Falklands Conservation and is making two wildlife areas on the farm (over 40 hectares in total). Within these areas native plants are restored and protected and small birds find a home. The farm’s power is produced by a wind turbine, they recycle everything they can and grow all of their own vegetables. They are proud of their farm and the fine wool that their sheep produce.