Worldwide selling and marketing of

Falkland Islands Wool

We are responsible for approximately 61% of the Falkland Islands wool clip, with member farms producing in excess of 1 million kilos of greasy wool.

What we do

The Falkland Islands Wool Company markets and sells Falkland Islands raw greasy wool for worldwide export. We work closely with local wool producers and overseas buyers to ensure the best quality product is available and maintained.

About WoolCo

The Falkland Islands Wool Company Ltd (WoolCo), was set up in 2006 and is a Limited Company by guarantee. At the time no wool industry infrastructure existed on the Islands.

Established on behalf of Falkland Islands wool producers to run along the lines of a marketing co-operative, WoolCo is owned exclusively by the local wool producers that are members.

This gave local wool producers control over the sale of their clip, reduced the cost of commission and freight, and enabled value adding opportunities.

Wool Co Membership

The Falkland Islands Wool Company’s principal objective is to benefit members by acting as a marketing and sales agent for wool produced in the Falkland Islands, improving logistics opportunities, driving down grower costs and adding value to the clip.

Membership is open to all Falkland Island farmers.

What we can do for you


Promoting the benefits of Falkland Islands wool to the worldwide marketplaces.


Negotiations and sales processing to ensure the best prices for your clip.


Arranging containerisation and preparation of paperwork for export.


Wool coring and grabbing, including interpretation of results.


Including worldwide market influences, pricing info and buyer feedback.


Learn or improve your knowledge to deliver better results for markets.

We are governed by wool producers, for wool producers.

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